What We Do!

Youth Activism: ITY AFRICA promotes African Youth Activism throughout the continent. We engage young African individuals to correspond for our growing network as dynamic African Youth Activists. Our corresponding Activists work to generate transformative dialogue, which ultimately shapes the perspectives of African Youth and challenges the mind-sets of an Africa-wide audience.

Youth Platform: ITY AFRICA operates a social-media based platform that leads the conversation on “African Youth”. All year round, we embrace the views and opinions of Youth from across the African continent. As the premier forum for African Youth Debates and Discussions, our platform seeks to expose young Africans to a mind-changing Conversation via engagement on a vast diversity of issues.

We Speak Out: ITY AFRICA is the first association of young Africans to operate as a Public Protest/Pressure Group. As a society of Youth Activists we are guardians of the African Youth and their collective well-being. We speak out in condemnation of any deliberate acts, altercations and systems that compromise the freedom, safety, security and well-being of the African Youth. As such, we are architects of Protest/Pressure Campaigns that seek to defend the interests of the young African.