Africa’s Broken Moral Compass

Kudakwashe Manjonjo Harare, Zimbabwe Africa has extolled itself with being the moral compass of the world, spear-heading the fight against the ‘godless culture’ of homosexuals. Be that as it may be, Africa has failed to take a serious stance of morality, failing to have a firm stand against corruption, rape and nepotism. Morality’s most basic definition is what is judged to be right or wrong. The issue of gay rights in Africa and the Middle East has been heated over the past generation, as the rest of the world has ‘progressed’ to identify gay rights. The main reason for African’s resistance is that “we are God-fearing citizens” as stated by a Ugandan MP. This same fear of God has failed to find relevance in the worlds of governance where corruption and nepotism is rife and rape is the social order. Earlier this month, Nigeria passed a law that would make homosexual activities illegal and could lead to one being in prison for 14 years. This was done after Uganda had esta

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