The Future We Desire

Benin City, Nigeria
Arise oh co-youths
Listen to the call by nature,
To build the future
With our talents, learning and character.

Gone are the days of empty words,
All hands on deck,
Today must see our effort
Tomorrow will be proud of us!

Rough is the road to success,
Challenged, we refuse to quit!
We cannot rest
Until our good is better and then best.

Willing though the mind
Yet the body is weak,
When failure lingers on
Strive, our will is ours

Dwindling is our economy
Justice, nowhere to be found
Except we act,
Better tomorrow comes no more…

Your tool is your talent, use it!
For your weakness, strengthen it
World changing is a huge task,

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  1. Nice one. Keep it up. Your tool is your talent, use it. I love that part

  2. This is a wonderful piece and it captures the truth - the youth shouldn't hesitate further to act positively and cause change, but more so, change begins in oneself. Nice one sis.

    Williams Iheme

  3. Nice piece, "for a start change yourself" transformation really has to begin with us. The road to success is challenging but we ve to strive on. Keep it up Linda

  4. A good one, Linda. Keep it up. If we only know how much power is in our hand...we will realise that the "government" (in Nigeria and other places) we so much castigate and feel helpless against is under our power. The real government is us! The "will is ours". We can only know that if we know our self and "change yourself."

  5. today must see our effort so tomorrow be proud of us is my best part. the youth form the highest percentage of the African population, in my country Uganda the youth form 78% of the population.we need all the youth to understand that the future belongs to us and we work today so as tomorrow will be proud of us

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