"African Role Models 2014" - RUTH AINE TINDYEBWA

Ruth is a Ugandan freelance blogger. Originally a journalist by profession with a background of Broadcast Media, she started out in Radio as a news anchor, reporter and program producer. She has since become a freelance online journalist and youth activist. She runs a personal blog; IN DEPTH which is at www.ruthaine.com.

She was the first East and Southern and African recipient of the Heinz Kuhn Stiftung Journalism Award 2011 in over 13 years. She also featured as a One Young World Ambassador for Uganda for the year 2013.

Ruth is a founding member of Youth for Results which is a youth initiative that is built along the management for results platform run by Africa Community of Practice [AfCop] a project run by the Africa Development Bank. She also serves as the Ugandan correspondent for Youth Hub Africa at www.youthhubafrica.org, an online forum that celebrates and equips African youth to be leaders and innovators.