Charles Muchori
I have been around and I have seen a lot.
I have seen a lot and now I know a lot.
Sometimes when I am looking around,
I see their ignorance being spoken out loud.
They are oblivious of the damage they cause the crowd.

They cover their insatiability with nice clothes to impress,

And when they are questioned about their motives they digress.
A tough question fills them with stress.
They pretend it's our issues they address,
But it’s only their caustic greed they caress.

They ignore the poor dying of hunger,

And with deliberate ignorance to their blunder,
They swallow us up like an anaconda.
While we worship the ground they walk on and call them brother,
They consume the entire cake without a bother.

I am tired of standing by and watching,

As they, with their greed so consuming,
Rob everything from those they should be giving.
Good laws they keep amending,
And “Wanjiku” they keep victimizing.

In unison we demand peace,

With inflated audibility we demand justice!
And for every time they ignore us we push for consequence.
Whether they care or not, we cry out for change,
Because for too long we have been locked up in a cage.

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