What will the next chapter in African history be?

Allan-Lloyd Jr Hamusokwe
Zambian blood rushes through my veins, but Swaziland is where I came into this world and grew up from. I am 21 years old and in university doing computer engineering in T.R.N.C (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). But most importantly I am an African!

At my age, I am at the point where I think of my future: I was shocked to see that going back to Africa was not one of the potential paths I had in mind. I found something wrong with that. It’s like when you are sent to the Shop (University) by your parents to get bread (a Degree), but the moment you get your bread you do not see any reason for going home with the bread. This is a serious problem because that same bread could help the people at my home! After I realized this, I decided I should do something to change that, not only for me, but for every person whose soul is a part of Africa. 

This is how I came to create “I’m An African”; I noticed that African Unity is non-existent. Before it can become a reality for the whole of Africa, it must become a reality within each of our hearts! Now before this can happen, we have to be proud of where we are from, the culture, achievements and tradition we have. The moment we have African unity, we can start taking care of each other, creating jobs for each other: something like a domino effect.

Which brings me to the Question, What will the next chapter in African history be?

I believe the next chapter will be one of greatness, glory, pride, unity and strength! I believe the next chapter will be Africa’s next Golden age; an age where Africans are helping each other grow, going beyond limits and trading amongst ourselves to increase the value of our materials. I will make sure my vision becomes a reality! I will not wait for someone else to start building my Africa! It is the New African generation’s time to raise the Africa flag high above others!

The past African Generation have done their part, it’s time for you and me, it is time ‘we’, the New African Generation, do our part to pioneer progress in Africa.

Now that you have heard my answer, I ask you: “What will the next chapter in African history be?”

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