Nida Eghafona
Please don’t treat me too harshly
I am just a child with needs
Nor treat me unfair or fiercely
I am a perfect little seed

They say my skin is black
And I should be used for work
They make me toil so hard until it’s dark
And they treat me like muck

They say ‘you should be used for trade’
And they send me of to farm
They tell me that I can’t be paid
And remind me of how hopeless I am

They tear my skin with knives
And inscribe their names
They take away my friend’s lives
And trade the rest of us for fame

They put us on boats and ships
And chain our hands and feet
They say with don’t have brains
And make us their items of beat

They tell us we are dirty
And don’t have a radiant skin
They say we are earthly
And not like the moon’s realm

But I know I am beautiful
And that’s why I’m strong
And with just my ability that’s bountiful
So why do they treat me wrong

I know that I am radiant
Just like the morning sun
And I’m beaming and vibrant
And I’m glad I was born

I believe I can make it
Whether now or tomorrow
With my bleeding hands and weary feet
Even with pain or sorrow

I am strong and I know
I don’t need someone to show
Cause in everything I do I shine
And I believe the sky is mine

I don’t have to be scared
Because I have got all it takes
Whether I am free or reared
Like a chicken or duckling on lakes

I am black with charm
Tough yet mild
I’m just exactly what I am
An African child.