"African Role Models 2014" - AYA CHEBBI

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Aya Chebbi describes herself as "a Pan-Africanist blogger and activist who strives to change the world through storytelling". The Tunisian patriot is a progressive thought leader in articulating opinions and solutions, in response to political and social issues for both her country and continent. 

What immediately stands out about Aya is her undeniable loyalty to her nation - The Republic of Tunisia. This young African beats her chest for Tunisia, cries for Tunisia and would undoubtedly bleed for Tunisia! Her national patriotism is so immense, it beams from within her in a manner that says "I have no shame in who I am and where I come from!" Indeed, she is unashamed and publicly announces that she is "Proudly Tunisian".

It is this deep-rooted national patriotism that makes her an exceptional role model for youth throughout the African continent. Before you can be proudly African, you must learn what it means to love your nation and represent it with pride. Aya's spirit of devotion to her homeland inspires the very flame of African Patriotism we strive to ignite! AYA IS A YOUNG TUNISIAN FLAME - AYA IS A YOUNG AFRICAN FLAME!