Philani H. Dhlamini
African Youth Activist
I am witnessing 'the unthinkable', but now realize how very real it is. Do you remember the last Africa-wide revolution? Yes indeed, that revolt against colonial rule which has been boasted about for the past half-century or so. A new revolutionary spirit is gathering force, but this time there is no colonial rule to reject. This revolution is inspired by growing agitation and exasperation with the sour promise that "the future belongs to the youth".

Today we are the majority and today must be the day we rule! There can be no avoiding us, we are all this continent has to survive on. Can you not see, how the youth have already inherited the responsibility of carrying Africa forward? Now, whether you even see it or not, whether you support it or not, the new reality is that Africa now belongs to it's youth. This young and colourful generation that holds the heart and meaning of African existence now intends to take leadership and ownership of Africa. The time calls for African Youth to confidently, deliberately and, if necessary, by force cause society to conform to their demands!

Elderly generations cannot lead younger generations: an older person only knows to control and discipline younger persons just like a teacher does with a classroom of children. The youth must be led by fellow young comrades whom they admire and respect by choice. Anyone who denies this arrangement will not be tolerated by a society dominated by young Africans, those who are wise will adapt to new circumstances and offer themselves as mentors and advisers. Indeed the older generations that cling to leadership shall be eclipsed by the will of the African Youth - We are here, We have the numbers and We will take charge!

We can not be dismissed on the basis of being 'inexperienced' , after all, 'experience' itself is nothing but a set of experiences an individual comes across in their life. We too deserve the opportunity to experience leadership so that we may learn the burden and responsibility that comes with it. Frustration and resent are gaining momentum, what remains is for this sentiment to be ignited into action! The time is coming when African Youth will revolt against the systems they were born into in order to create the systems they choose to live by. There is no telling if there will be violent upheaval or sudden overthrowing, but the happening is unavoidable. There will be an African Youth Revolution and a new era shall be established.This generation of African Youth will shape the future rather than wait for it to find them.

Those who are age 40 and below is what Africa calls it's youth. I have seen these people, I have spoken to them and I have read their will. I have witnessed a collection of very capable people, and some rather spectacular individuals. I have even seen those who will lead in the very near future! I share their passion, I feel just what they feel - shut out from a home that was built for me! 

We are the African Youth! We want our fair share of this cake they call Africa!

We are the African Youth! This continent now belongs to us! We are not destined for the future - Our time is now!

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  1. What else can we heed to if not the call to take charge of the AFRICAN DREAM. Philani i salute you for the work you are doing for Africa. we need to rise up in our small way do something to help our people.

    1. Dear African Comrade! Your support is much appreciated!

  2. Interesting read Philani. Aspire to Inspire.

  3. it aint a slow movement but a fast mass...that no force is ready to counter...we are is ours...lets own it fellow Africa youths

    1. Indeed Indeed Joshua!