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Ede Nida Eghafona
Benin City, Nigeria
Uneke is a young Africa youth, who owns a small barbing saloon at the back of Ijanipa avenue, Uneke is  known  in this community for his stylish and idyllic haircuts and the creative way he goes about his act. He goes to a nearby pharmacist purchasing iodine tinctures and shaving creams, gets back to put on his old rusty rickety generator and he begins his work while filling the hair with his old collection of highlife, jazz or blues. Uneke is a creative African youth, he will cut off the overgrowth in Africa. He is the future!

Adebisi is an eighteen year old athlete; she runs 100m for the national youth in athletics. Adebisi runs with such grace that she earned the appellation “Usaina bolt” after the famous athlete Usain bolt. Adebisi is not discouraged by the fact that she is in a male dominated field, and that she is skinnier and smaller than her male counterparts. Adebisi is a strong Nigerian youth, she is a vibrant  African woman, she is tomorrow’s change!

Wahab is a fashion designer, he picks up beautiful African pieces, Ankara, kenete, aso-oke and designs idyllic African clothes. He slowly weaves the embroidery and finishes them up with knit-ins and knit-outs. He irons his pieces with the hot coal iron, never affected by his country’s power outage, he irons his pieces with precision and hangs them up for sale. Wahab will sew the pieces of Africa together, he will design Africa!

Philani is a young vibrant African youth activist, despite his busy schedule he manages a forum where youths meet up and discuss and ponder on ways to move Africa forward, Philani is our welcoming. He is our Madiba!

Linda is a young, creative Social Entrepreneur, she juggles school and youth development Forums, and she does these two effortlessly and with excellence. She is the true African Woman,  she will mentor the leaders who will shape Africa. She is  the ‘’ nouvelle Africa”, la belle dame’!

Tafazua is a seventeen year old gorgeous lady, she is HIV positive, she dedicates her life to motivational speaking, going round secondary schools, preaching abstinence, safe sex and carefulness. Tafazua will reshape Africa’s health, she will heal the land!

Warona, has grown up without her parents and she has fended for herself by selling matches, ripe fruits and children’s crayons, she also cleans the gutters at night. Warona is hopeful and does this with such halcyon that is similar to how da Vinci painted the Monalisa - Exquisite!  Warona will clean up Africa; she is our hope, our forever.

Ose is a young Medical student who inspires people with his impressive paintings. Ose uses his paint brush and his stethoscope with immaculate precision and he encourages people to develop their  talent in art. Ose will paint Africa, with his innovative mind and stylish brushes. He will refurbish Africa, he will beautify her!

This is to the young African Populace, who are striving regardless of their current situation. We will build Africa together, hand in hand, with our strength, character and our minds.  In the sheer bludgeoning’s of chance, though our  heads be bloody, let it stay and remained unbowed because Africa: Our Land is indisputably and unapologetically our responsibility.


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