We shall NEVER forget!!

Modibe Julius Modiba
Johannesburg, South Africa
We shall  NEVER forget!! Originally posted on the blog MONARE ( http://www.modiba10.blogspot.com/ )

To my African brothers and sisters we shall never forget where we come from as Africans and our painful past, a past which continues to haunt us everyday and lives within each and every one of us. We continue to be told by some that we should just forget and move on because the past is the past, they continue to tell us that they are sorry for what happened and that we should just move on! They continue to criticize policies such as Affirmative Action and land reform saying its reverse Apartheid without looking at the main reason why such policies were adopted in the first place. Its like a bully telling the teacher that he's the one being bullied , it really doesn't make sense to me.

But, how do we move on when we experience many problems today which were created by them? How should we forget if our economies still benefit only the minorities? How should we forget if land still belongs to those who stole it from our forefathers? I mean how dare the oppressors tell the oppressed that they should just move on and forget about the past. The sad part is for SOME white South Africans, South Africa only began in 1994 and what happened before that is totally unnecessary from their point of view. I'm not saying that we should dwell to much on the past but, as Africans we should reflect on our past and where we come from and move our continent forward for the benefit of the African people.

But yet again when we fight for Economic Freedom we are perceived as racists and anti white but that's totally wrong ! A wise man once said, "whats political freedom without economic freedom ?".  Truth is we are not racist nor anti white, we are just ANTI WHITE SUPREMACY which is the current status quo of our society. They continue to tell us that we should all work hard without looking at race, of which I agree partially but, did they work hard for the wealth they have today? Or did the injustices of the past committed against the majority of the African people benefit them? I for one can't wait for the day when we no longer have to refer to race the whole time but, that will only happen once a serious economical transition takes place. I for one feel that our African leaders have been to kind to our oppressors and that land reform has been relatively slow in ensuring that land returns to its rightful owners. I guess the only people that can change that is us( the youth) we should wake up, take the stand and lead! 

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