"African Role Models 2014" - LINDA IHEME

There are people who lead by choice, then there are those that find themselves being followed. To speak of Linda, is to speak of a young African woman who did not make a deliberate choice to lead. She finds her self being followed, emulated and becoming the marvel of Nigeria. This is the charisma of Linda Iheme; a nationally acclaimed youth visionary and role model in her country.

Meticulous in academic performance, a vocal community activist, health advocate and Change maker. She is followed because those around her aspire to be everything she is becoming. It is a large responsibility to be followed by both young and old, to be held in high regard as a spectacle worth striving for. We see how they adorn her with their congratulations, how they elevate her as their one and only, and now we too shall lend our recognition. But what is it that earns one this much acknowledgement?

"Relentless Attitude" - indeed she is relentless in all that she pursues. There is that SOMETHING that she has; that undying effort, that emphasis on quality, that wanting to be so much more than just human - this characteristic which we fail to quantify in written word. Linda desires to be special - her desire to be beyond the status quo spreads like a wild fire throughout those that surround her! The African flame is alive in Linda - The question shall be: Have you found the spirited flame that lives within us all?

Watch Linda's Video Here