Viva Africa! Viva Ignite The Youth!

I believe to ignite something is to start... Or dare I say stir up a simultaneous and unanimous action! In this case, I believe we are spurring on our brothers and sisters towards the cause of a better Africa. Truth of the matter is, a lot has been said about change in our nation. Only misconception is the fact that people think there is a need to hold a certain form of title behind which they can then draw the mandate to effect such change, I know many who have held such a title and with absolutely nothing to show for it!

I dare you to then draw this transforming power from the person that you are, a child with no father perhaps, or a crippled child, an unemployed youth maybe, or perhaps you are from a stable and balanced home... All these things shouldn't really matter, all that matters is the color of blood that flows in our veins, not separated by race or color or tribe or faith but rather united in the common cause of humanity! I am a no body, and I like to think many of you are like me. No one really knows or cares for who you are. But I guarantee you in every 10 human beings you meet at least 8 of you are like me. So maybe its a time that we did something about it, uniting in one voice as one people, the new generation rising for a new Africa! We are in the words of Ghandi together going to be the change we so desire to see in our land. Viva Africa! Viva Ignite The Youth!

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