Acha Harrison
Edo State, Nigeria
A country blessed beyond measures, vast in natural resources and ideas, with unique cultures and languages; one indivisible and indestructible Nation, ONE NIGERIA!

At this junction, I would like to remind us again that we the youth of this great nation have a very important role to play in the making of the Nigeria of Our Dream. And as part of this motive of making a better Nigeria, I will enjoin us to take up the cross in fostering change in our great country. It’s not an individual effort but a collective effort.

If there must be a better Nigeria, there must be a better you. Now I understand why Mahatma Gandhi in his wisdom said; "be the change you wish to see in the world. It all begins with you."

A few months ago, I was challenged with this life changing question; "what is the purpose of me coming into this world as a Nigerian?" When I first encountered this question, it sounded simple to me. But in time I realised that it wasn't as simple as it sounded at first. I realised that it conveyed more message than the mere letters that the eyes see. Such a message can not be witnessed by the naked eye, but with the inquisitive/curious eye of the mind, the eye that thinks and the eye that ponders. So if you think this question is a simple one, take a moment or two to ponder over it, and you will see that it is not as simple as you think - it requires an in-depth discovery of who you really are. 

I recently discovered that I have a purpose, a dream to bring alive and above all, a change to make in my country. These should be the aspirations of every vibrant youth. Now I understand why Howard Thurman said; “Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are alive."

Gone are the days when youths remain docile citizens of the country, the status quo for a better Nigeria needs help and the help it has been clamoring for resides in our youth.

John F. Kennedy once said during his inaugural address in January 1961 as the 35th President of United States of America in Washington D.C; "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country". Not until we begin to answer the question; "What can I do for Nigeria?" we cannot be all we can be to Nigeria.

No one is too young to impact their society and to be the cause of change in his country. Nor is anyone too old to fulfill his dream for his country. It is high time we started impacting and affecting our society and those around us positively. You and I have a role to play in this task for the betterment of Nigeria. You have more than enough to offer Nigeria and the best time to take up this responsibility is now. 

You are not great until you make others great. You are not successful until others become successful through you. And you remain incomplete until you duplicate yourself in others through your little care and love. It takes care and love to bear others' burden.

If you still belong to the bandwagon of “Nigeria issue is none of my business” I will admonish you to think again. It’s time to take the bull by the horn, it’s time to think again and it’s time to change and live in the Nigeria we have always dreamed of. Let us not listen to the voices of “no change” nor hearken to the words of “no future” for the future is too bright to feature in it with a dim lamp. Let the burning passion for change and a better Nigeria keep us united. For a time shall come when the past will be a story of glory told to great Nigerians from generation to generation.

Nigeria is our country.

Nigeria is our pride.

Nigeria is our own land. 

Together in one spirit let us better Nigeria.