African Youth Revolt!

Modibe J. Modiba
Johannesburg, South Africa
We live in a continent infested by young people, we live in a continent where our leaders do not want to be challenged, questioned and called to order by the younger population. We live in a continent where the culture and respect card gets used every time young boys and girls call their leaders to order, we live in a continent where our leaders use "culture" and "respect" to keep the youth silent and limited.

If the "culture" and "respect" card is going to be used by our leaders to silence and keep us stagnant then we'll rather create our own culture instead of succumbing to the status quo. Don't get me wrong, respect is highly important in the African culture, but if our leaders are not going to respect us, then we will not respect them.

The African Youth are on the path to self discovery, the path to revolting and on the path of taking over. We are tired of playing second fiddle to the rest of the world, we are tired of leaders who have absolutely no regard for their people and tired of being silenced by our leaders. In the African culture as a young person you are prohibited from talking "grown people issues" and disrespecting your elders, but politics affects everyone.

Why should we allow our old corrupt leaders to come up with policies which are going to affect us in the long run? When all their maladministration unfolds where will they be? Who will we as the African Youth blame? Who will have to carry their corrupt doings and mistakes on their back ? It's time for us as the African Youth to set our priorities straight, revolt and fight for what rightfully belongs to us, because if we don't, who will?

Originally posted on the blog MONARE

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