DR DAMBISA MOYO: Setting the Economic Stage

Dr Dambisa Moyo
Accessed from dambisamoyo.com;
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By Jackie Nyamutumbu

Dr Dambisa Moyo is a writer, author, and international economist. Born in Zambia in 1969, Dr Moyo has an impressive academic background, from her academic days at American University and Harvard University in the United States of America, her doctoral studies in Oxford, and all the way to her influential publications. Dr Moyo is most known internationally for her somewhat controversial book, Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is a Better Way for Africa, which stirred much conversation about the negative effects of the different forms of aid poured into Africa over the past century and longer. According to her website, Dr Moyo has served “on the boards of Barclays Bank, the financial services group, SABMiller, the global brewer, and Barrick Gold, the global miner.” She has also worked as a consultant for the World Bank in Washington, D.C. It is no wonder that TIME magazine named her one of the “100 most influential people” in the recent past.

I think Dr Moyo deserves to be honored because she has penetrated a niche of the world that most people reserve for men. Not only has she made a (globally known) name for herself as a macroeconomist, she has dominated her field and her works are used at the basis for global economic analyses. One of my favorite things I truly admire about her is her beauty that exudes of her strength, confidence, and intelligence. She has long been a role model and has shown me that a woman’s role in the world is to change and challenge norms that might not be as effective, and to stand for the sovereignty of my continent, Africa, at all costs.

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