Not my Fault…But could be my FAULT

Akinte Raphael Abiodun
Lagos, Nigeria
My name is YOUTH, and I am a young African. I would like to quickly share with you a few of my fears, what brought them about and the current realities. I will summarise all of these as statements of incidents that were and are not my fault. However, I realize all of these could be my fault if I fail to do things right and do the right things.

It is not in anyway my fault that I was born into a Continent where our political leaders stack up money and buy iPads they do not know how to use, whereas there are young ladies out there who can not afford to buy sanitary pads. I will however become faulty if I can not, as a YOUTH speak up against this injustice and looting of our commonwealth.

It is not my fault that I grew up learning to accept White supremacy over Africans, their exploitative tendencies, racist actions and modern slave trading techniques. It will however be my fault if I continue in the steps of my Fathers who looked up to the West for survival whereas Africa is blessed with human and natural resources.

Isn’t it sardonic and extremely tenebrific that our democracy in Africa is at a standstill with political leaders taking pleasure in slaving us in our own land? Well, it is not my fault that they have turned democracy to a theatre where craze is demonstrated, but then, it will be my fault if I protect a corrupt government official in anyway-either through my vote or otherwise.

Sadly though, I grew up learning to shout and be used as a political thug by mean politicians…that, may not have been my fault, but it will be my fault that things are not well with motherland if I continue to sell my conscience.

I grew up in a society where our leaders do not value education, but alas, so many young people have successfully carved a niche for themselves. Low educational standards may not have been my fault, but posterity will not forgive me if I give up on my dreams, because then, it will be my fault.

It is not my fault that there are social and economic insecurities, but my fault it will become if I fail to go all out in the quest to SECURE OUR GENERATION and the ones coming after by becoming a problem solver rather than contributing to existing problems.

I am an African Youth, and the tales about me are sad. I will not however allow my background to put my back to the ground. I will arise and fight for motherland….GO and DO likewise.

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