TIGUIDANKE CAMARA: A Role Model for Young African Women

Ms. Tiguidanke Camara,
Chairman & CEO Tigui Mining Group)

PHOTO CREDIT: Marc Baptiste
Tiguidanke Mounir Camara was born and raised in Conakry Guinea. From an early age, her entrepreneurial spirit drove her thinking into actions. In 1996, before coming to the United States to pursue a modeling career, which started at the age of 14, she undertook management studies in Morocco. In 2009, she changed her career path into entrepreneurial mining. She became the founder and chairman of Tigui Mining Group (TMG) and Camara Diamond & Gold Trading Network (CDGTN), founded in 2012 and 2009 respectively.

Ms. Camara’s objective is to create a conglomerate of natural resources and innovative technology companies. She firmly believes in growing the mineral resources industry as the main driver of her country's development. She is uniquely skilled in understanding and leveraging her relationships with local governments, local communities and overseas investors.

Ms. Camara is one of the youngest female mining executives who embody perfectly the spirit of the next generation in this field. She is not only a visionary but also a proactive businesswoman. Her skills enable her to see the value in the ever-growing mining sector of her native Guinea. Today, Ms. Camara is also one of the few women who own a mineral exploration company.

Her strength lies in her ability to define economically viable opportunities and translating them into reality. Her African based mineral resource companies have a particular emphasis on West Africa. They develop ambitious projects through strategic partnerships and alliances to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the region. Corporate responsibility is one of the major initiatives of her companies.

Ms. Camara is a member of Women In Mining International (WIM) and one of the founding members of Women In Mining Guinea created in 2013. She is also an active advocate of women 's presence and role in the development of the mining industry.

For more information visit: www.tiguimininggroup.com

March 2015 – Women’s History Month
In March 2015, Ms. Camara is the woman of the month at Women In Mining International (WIM): 
To read the interview: http://womeninmining.net/library-3/wims-in-the-news/tiguidanke-camara-dont-be-silent-start-making-a-noise/

Ms. Camara has been featured on the front cover of Mining Decisions, circulated at Mining Indaba (February 2015). To read the article: http://media.wix.com/ugd/a74fe3_fa6526aa9b77411a8714859f12ee2997.pdf

By Joseph Kabba