Youth Activists React to Burundi Crisis!

Sulaiman Sowa - "The problem we have with African leadership is that we make our leaders feel that they are doing us a favor rather than service by leading us! We shower praises on them and even lavish awards and titles that have no bearing to their leadership. This convinces them that they are demi-gods and are must-rulers, some may even think that they are immortal! And what keeps frustrating me is how judicial systems in Africa are igniting problems in our democratic systems. See the president of Burundi going for a third term even when the constitution does not permit it and yet most judges were in support of it? This is just cheapness in itself! The actual victors in Burundi now are those youths who braved the brutality of the police and said "NO" to the president's third term bid. African youths can do it best if we just accept the mindset of positive change for the continent."

Kudakwashe Manjonjo - "The Burundi General has declared a Coup against President Nkurunziza - I really thought coups were a thing of the past. The problem with coups is that they set a precedent. The People must speak through the ballot! Democracy is a process and that is true to elections. They may not be perfect but they are getting better. What happens when the military doesn't want to let go of power? The issue with democracy being ushered in by the military - Guinea military only gave power back after sanctions. I would have rather supported a situation as occurred in Burkina Faso." 

Gildas Niyigena - "Why shouldn't we, in our limited ways advocate, firstly against those killings and secondly may we also think of humanity! From what I see, all organisations in charge of defending "Human Rights" are oriented towards a  certain interest! Hence, if you see your neighbor suffering, put yourself in his/her shoes - after that you and I will surely say "NO" to any violence occurring to our people! My call is this: As we are hearing from the Media, Burundian people are dying from fighting against the government. They are denying the idea of the actual president Peter Nkurunziza, standing as a presidential candidate for a third term, which is against the National Constitution. Let us advocate for the violence to stop in our small communities and try to build a peaceful continent! Sometimes we live in the way of the jungle, we have to fight for survival!"