Africa Lacks Policies that Engage and Empower Its Youth

 Jarius Andrew Greaves
(Corresponding Activist)
Paynesville, LIBERIA
Africa Lacks Policies that Engage and Empower Its Youth: Youth Constitutes 60% of the Total Population

Africa’s greatest challenge is that it lacks policies that engage and empower its youth, who constitutes 60% of Africa’s total population. The youth are invaluable assets which the continent can harness for future political stability, economic growth, and workforce supply. Yet, Africa’s political leaders have not (or have inadequately) developed social, educational, and health policies and programs that address the youth’s needs, include them in political processes, and provide sustainable training programs. 

For example: in Liberia, programs to engage youth for sustainable progress, address their plights and ensure a brighter future for them are weak or don't exist. To illustrate this further, the President of Liberia declared in 2013 that the education system in Liberia was broken. She also added that it is characterized by corruption, untrained teachers, and limited financial and material support. Thus, a majority of youths graduate from high school unprepared to go to college and succeed. They can not become productive citizens of Liberia, contribute to a stronger workforce and face Real 'World Challenges'.

Child soldiers of Liberia’s 14-year civil war are today’s youth. With a broken and under-supported education system, the political leaders are fertilizing an environment for an unstable and bleak future for its youth. This is bad leadership! Bad governance! It indicates an uncertain future for a nation like Liberia. And it does not guarantee that Liberia is choosing a path to stability, economic development, nor that it is promoting an inclusive democratic process that involves youth. Therefore, each country must develop programs to involve its youth, who are the strength, the powerhouse, and future jewels of their land.

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