Somalia’s Young People Face a Different Struggle

Mohamed W. Sandhol
Mogadishu, Somalia

Today, Somalia’s young people face a different struggle, which requires a similar movement; a struggle against the challenges of unemployment, poverty, inequality and no education.

Somalia has an education system which does not have public schools. Our private schools are, as a result, overcrowded, under-resourced, understaffed and lack quality.

Unemployment has plagued the youth of Somalia. Youth unemployment has become a particular obstacle in the fight against poverty and undermines efforts to impose peace & stability in the country. Because Youth Unemployment is currently at staggering levels, the majority of those employed are in low paying jobs. Criminal groups like the Al-Shabaab terrorists are taking advantage of this pathetic situation of the youth by recruiting them as soldiers/fighters.

With so many Somali's entangled in the perpetual circle of poverty, youth who are desperately seeking employment are suffering from exploitation. In our communities there are countless, unreported incidences of young female adults being abused. On a daily basis young women are humiliated, harassed, physically and sexually assaulted. Many young people still die by taking the dangerous route to Europe and gulf countries in search of better living conditions.

We are sitting on a ticking time bomb of youth unemployment, abject poverty and mounting displeasure. Somalia will not be able to reduce poverty if government, regional states and social partners do not address this chronic problem by deliberately driving the creation of decent employment. So as to tackle the misery of unemployment, under-employment and poverty in my country!

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