Batswana Youth On "Education" - Kago Boitumelo

Interview conducted by Ms. Nozizwe Ntesang, hearing the views of young Batswana on Education in their country (Botswana).

My name is Kago Boitumelo, I am a 21 year old Motswana. I am currently at University of Botswana studying BSc (Computing with Finance). I have attended 'private' schools from primary school through to secondary school.

How would you describe the education system in Botswana?

The education system in Botswana is pretty straightforward. Firstly, its primary school for seven years where upon completion you get a Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) certificate. Next you have Junior Secondary school for 3 years and you write a Junior Certificate Examination in order for to determine if you move on to Senior Secondary school which then lasts for 2 years. After that, its tertiary school and that goes on for as long as you want really, in which the government can sponsor you.

As a young person, how has the aforementioned system benefited you? If not, please elaborate.

The education system has benefited me in that it has paid for all four years of my education at UB (University of Botswana) also providing a book allowance and a living allowance.

If any improvements are needed, what are they? How do you suggest the youth can implement them?

In terms of improvements, I would like it if there was more variety in terms of the courses we could take at tertiary level, something innovative and cutting edge, you know.
Also, focus on professions and what students want to be, should be given more attention. We should avoid a situation where a student cannot choose a certain career path because she/he did not choose the right subjects to study when in secondary school.
Another improvement is to have avoid having under-appreciated and demotivated teachers. They are an important and respectable part of our society and should be treated as such.

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