Batswana Youth On "Education" - Karabo Thobega

Interview conducted by Ms. Nozizwe Ntesang, hearing the views of young Batswana on Education in their country (Botswana).

My name is Karabo Thobega. A young Motswana doing my Assosciate Degree in Graphic Design at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. I am also an Entrepreneur, owner of a street-wear clothing brand called Symbols Apparel. Aimed at being self employed by running this business and also creating job opportunities for others.

How would you describe the education system in Botswana?

The education system in Botswana is quite good. I mean each and every individual is given the equal opportunity provided they put in 110% work towards that. It also helps by granting student loans which is a really good thing. What hurts is that services are not taken to the rural areas but mostly focused on urban areas and villages that seem to be on the come up. Thing is that this current education systems doesn’t give one the chance (at an early stage) to pick a path they may show interest in.

As a young person, how has the aforementioned system benefited you? And if not, please elaborate.

I was once under the student grant (Tertiary Sponsorship) studying Accounting course at the time it was said that most of the graduates managed to get employment slots ASAP. But then after a year I switched to what I am studying right now under self-sponsorship. This was because I didn’t feel like it was really where my passion was. At this point in time I have reapplied for government sponsorship to help with the tuition funds.

If any improvements are needed, what are they & how do you suggest the youth can implement them?

More brigades may be introduced to educate the pupils. One other thing is that it would be great if at one point the education system would introduce a level/ stage at which students in Senior high school studied that which would benefit them in tertiary or in line with their career path.

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