The Trying Days of Timber

Ms. Tony Joy
Akure, Nigeria
Spying into the unforeseen future
I hear the loud voices of the timber
Crying its way out of all shivers

But why Timber, shall you ponder in the gutter of shivers?
Why have you lost your pride to shivers?
Why timber?

Questions keep knocking
The past comes ringing
Floods of untimely tears

Oh, alas, yet again, understanding comes running
All because of the shivers of Timber
Shall Timber die or shall she lose her grip?

Men lost it when they dined with conflict
Forfeiting their days of unity

Men lost it when they opened up to bias
Rather than live in the comfort of peace

Men lost it when they saw culture
Rather than he that is personified within the culture

Men lost it when they saw greed
Rather than open their minds to give

Ah, alas, Timber is crying
Fuming with deep shame and anger
Their troubles caused her conflict
Their conflict caused her pains

See her bleeding, calling on her people
Come from the North, East, West and South
To hold her firm, lest she falls

She is one nation bound in peace
Keep away the tribe, culture and religion
Listen for she calls in her slumber
Hold here firm before she falls