Letter to African Youth

Letter to African Youth

Dear African Youth
I have never been more convinced now that, its up to the African Youth to change your Continent, Your home, and if you do not, our current governments will just ruin our beautiful Continent while we sit and watch.
An analogy to this is, the a small child (Representing the African Youth) sitting in their home (Representing African Continent) as their parents(Representing the Current governments ) destroy the beautiful house knowing very well that this is what your parents will give you as your inheritance. So all we are doing is watching the house we live in go down in Flames.
I say I will not just sit down and look at the Continent my future grand children will inherit go up in flames. Now its Africa for African youth, nothing else matters!!!!

We must Unite under one Umbrella come up with an action plan and get to work as soon as you see this message, we are running out of time.

Yours Faithfully
Allan-Lloyd Junior Hamusokwe
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  1. As you put resources into pioneers it additionally creates shared responsibility for youth program that guarantees it proceeds viably for a long time to come regardless of the fact that you proceed onward to an alternate church or service yourself.