Talking Gender: With Dr. Ugbaja Felix Chinedu

Q Has enough been done to secure gender inequality?
A Gender inequality has been a major issue in the African continent and has shut out a lot of potential and opportunities for the African females.
It is very conspicuous that if a Nation must move forward, the whole people male and female must be carried along and given the same opportunity to harness their potentials, share their ideas and achieve their goals!
I would say a capital NO to the question above as enough has not been done but rather the gap between the male and female gender has been widened.
It is in the same Africa that insignificant political offices or appointments to the females are celebrated as freedom, still in the same Africa that a man can marry as many wives as he can but its seen as a taboo for a woman to do so. Some key titles in the religious settings , cultural settings, social settings, political settings and unfortunately the academics setting too are seen as a reserved male title due to its superiority! No enough has not been done!

Q What is your view on feminism in Africa?
A Feminism is a social theory or political movement which argues that legal and social restrictions on females must be removed in order to bring about equality of both sexes in all aspects of private and public life.
I am in total support of Feminism. It fosters equity, it brings freedom, empowerment and equality.
It gives women the room to express their views about issues as the males will do and it brings an avenue to tap into their natural human potentials and ideas.
What could have been of the Liberian president if that country did not support Feminism? What could have been the fate of the African countries that have great female doctors, lawyers and military officers if feminism was not promoted?
I am in total support of Feminism in Africa.

Q How important is the involvement of men in resolving gender issues?
A The involvement of men in resolving gender issues cannot be overemphasized. Men in Africa are seen to take the lead roles in economic assets, political power, cultural authority and armed force. This means that the African men are needed to implement the women's claim for justice especially in their resources.