My Message To The African Youth ~ Joan Mwende

Being young and vibrant, the African youth have so much potential! If we are motivated, passionate and refuse to entertain how things are run in the world today, we can be the cause of a lot of change. It is very common to be discouraged by the current systems in politics and society. Despite this, we need to learn to be the "change" and create a better world. We do not need to leave our futures to people who do not care about them! The following are pointers to young leaders across the continent:

  • African youth should step up and be the sources of change from the grassroots, like the 'Community Level' itself.

  • The young people interested to be the change in their communities are to be cultured and involved in social activism and politics so as to stay informed on issues and equally educate others around them. This can be done through social media platforms, reading books, following events happening currently and connecting with like minded people. They say change begins with education.

  • Do not be afraid of failure. Life is about metamorphosis and growing where failure is part of it. It is okay to be wrong at some point, and being aware of it is a good thing.

  • Be ready to be looked down upon because of your age, something which can easily make you doubt yourself. You should not allow yourself to be defined by such! Set your own standards and limits! Always remember your age is a great asset not a liability.

  • The problems we are facing currently in our world are young enough to need young people to solve them.

  • Being young means new perspective not lack of knowledge.

  • Tackle what you are passionate about - That issue that makes you furious and gives you sleepless nights when unsolved - When you start with your passion, you could cause a great deal of change!

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