Photo by: Aris Messinis/AFP
A few hours ago, I watched a disturbing video of young folks from various African Countries risking it all at the Libyan Coast just to make it out of Africa for a better life. Whiles many would damn them for venturing to such a risk, I would rather prefer to question the conscience of our leaders in failing to make our countries in Africa a golden paradise, abound in natural resources!

Having travelled to a greater world and captivated by the enchanting beauty of people, places and culture,  I have come to realize that as humans we all share similar and common needs. And that no matter the race or background, we always require these needs [to be fulfilled]. This is what is lacking in most African countries and perhaps it explains why people would leave their countries and risk it all to places where they think these needs can be met no matter how much they can endure.

So when we want to point fingers at those poor souls, please let us first consider this: that our stories and resistance to hardship are never the same and that our leaders owe it as a contractual responsibility to make life better for us! God made us to be great, we must not make average a benchmark for living, we deserve a better life and living!

This is why I say that until our leaders make available and affordable, the basic needs they effortlessly enjoy always, we would continue to blame them for those poor souls that perish on icy waters by risking it all just for those same basic needs.

Africa needs a mental evolution!


Errors and opinions are mine.

Sulaiman Bandajuma Sowa
Sierra Leone