Call For African Youth Activists

What is an “Ignite Activist”? ­ An Ignite Activist is a high powered and ambitious young African individual. They are patriotic about their own country and the African continent as a whole. They are keen to speak out, share their opinions or experiences, and are always ready to defend the well-being of the African Youth! As vocal youth activists, they strive to not only lead the conversation on African Youth, but to ignite young Africans into Change-makers!

About Our Youth Activism Program ­ For a period of up to 6 months, corresponding youth activists will be engaged under the leadership and guidance of our International Panel. While there will be a formal set of activities, youth activists will have the liberty to call upon fellow members towards a particular cause, post and share articles or video messages to make themselves and their views heard! After 6 months of voluntary service, these members will be accorded with Alumni status and receive adequate recognition for their selfless contributions!

Ignite The Youth proclaims to be the premier social media platform on the
"African Youth"! As an Ignite Activist, you will be afforded an Africa-wide audience of over 12,000 people. Indeed, the conversation on the African Youth continues to grow and you will have the opportunity to lead this expansion!

This engagement is based on voluntarism, therefore all participants are volunteers and not in any way formally employed. In this regard, there is a reliance on the ‘good will’ of persons who would like to voluntarily contribute to the cause.

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