The International Panel

Introducing the inaugural International Panel of Ignite The Youth. 

After 4 years of vibrant online and offline engagement, the society has assembled a team of youth experts and established youth activists to continue the growth of our continent-wide community. The panel was launched in November 2016 to serve as a coordination apparatus for international collaboration and youth activism projects. The individuals invited to the international panel are from diverse social and professional backgrounds with a passion for African Youth Activism!

Eman Sayed Elahl - (Egypt) "I am an altruistic person. I work with passion and I wish to give back to the society. I want to work on real projects to help those who are in need for help like the refugees, work on women empowerment, children’s education, elderly people or disabled children or in health programs. I always like to enrich my academic career with related practical experiences." View LinkedIn Profile: Eman

Gerald Lawrence Witherspoon - (Liberia/USA) Gerald is an enthusiast on all issues concerning youth in Africa. He regularly engages in policy related discussions and deliberations as a lobbyist in both the African Union and United Nations. He is passionate about organizing for an African Youth agenda, this is evident in his involvement with a number of youth-related organizations and his keen interest in networking and partnerships. View LinkedIn Profile: Gerald

Grace Atuhaire - (Uganda) A virtuous social campaigner of note and well established mobilizer for both her professional and voluntary commitments. Having worked on youth and social activism projects at home and abroad, Grace is well accustomed to advocacy and joins the International Panel as the longest serving African Youth Activist. She is willing to dabble in controversy for a just cause and remains resolute in her stand for African Women's development and rights. View LinkedIn Profile: Grace 

Sakah Bernard Nsaidzedze - (Cameroon) Sakah has been a member of Ignite The Youth since 2015, first engaging as a volunteer youth activist for the society. A staunch pan-African and outspoken critic on issues of Governance in Africa, he is undoubtedly the most vocal activist in Ignite The Youth. Sakah currently stands as the lead coordinator of the Social Media Activism program and is working to congregate a forum of African Youth Activists at the earliest convenience! View LinkedIn Profile: Sakah

Sulaiman Sowa - (Sierra Leone) Sulaiman has been a member of Ignite The Youth since 2014. He has engaged and led a number of online discussions, debates and is recognised as the most extensive contributor to Ignite The Youth volunteer projects. Sulaiman remains passionate about networking with African Youth Activists from across the continent and is an avid promoter of open discussion. His professional career stations him at the forefront of the fight against corruption, a duty he carries with him into his voluntary campaigns. View LinkedIn Profile: Sulaiman