When a Crisis Brings Opportunity

Aspiration No. 2, of the continental vision known as Agenda 2063, is for Africa in the next 50 years to become an “An Integrated Continent, Political Unity based on Pan-Africanism & African Renaissance.” This vision has been informed by the historical abuse Africa received under colonialism. Current events throughout Africa, specifically focusing on Zimbabwe’s currency problems, highlight the potential for Southern Africa to unite economically. Unfortunately though, it seems as if we might miss this chance, making Agenda 2063 - like most African policies - a pipe dream. AFP -Aaron Ufumeli The Zimbabwean Dollar’s ($ZD) fall from grace is well documented and well known. The currency had the highest inflation in recent world monetary history. This crisis highlighted an opportunity and more specifically the question of which currency Zimbabwe would use to stabilize its monetary problems. The Zimbabwean Finance Minister in 2009 proposed adopting the South African Rand as th

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