Youth Champions for The Africa We Want

‘The time is now for African Youth to champion Africa’s integration and unity for the Africa we want before 2063! Three weeks ago, I was engaged in a Pan African conversation with 15 young leaders between 22 -29 years old. Among the several issues examined was the Agenda 2063, especially in line with potential dividends for African youth. One of these youth posed a question as to whether we believe Agenda 2063 is realistic enough and how we thought youth could be engaged to ensure its effective implementation. Another puzzle was raised regarding alternative measures to ensure effective realization of the Agenda considering that it was largely conceived and drafted by the very African governments and leaders whose failures with previous ambitious development Agendas cannot be over emphasized. These preoccupations are just few of the many concerns that various African stakeholders have been expressing vis-à-vis Agenda2063.  How realistic is the Agenda 2063 for the African you

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