Barriers to Education in South Sudan

Martin Woja Santino The issue of personal safety remains the largest barrier discouraging youth from attending school in South Sudan. If both the journey to school and the school environment itself are not safe, parents will not register their children to attend. As a result, early marriage is on the rise; as girls [not attending school] eventually marry at a young age. They are often married early to alleviate their families' financial burden, far before they are mentally or physically ready for marriage. The ongoing political and military conflict in South Sudan has left the future of youth education under trees after schools were destroyed by our civil war. It is common to see young people in military fatigues, guns slung over their shoulders. Those lucky to be students in South Sudan are often squeezed into overcrowded classrooms [or make do with learning under trees]. Without proper schools or jobs, drug abuse has also become a pastime, which only [fuels the cycle

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